Why ‘See The Big Picture Workshops’?

I believe a wedding is a celebration of life and love. It is a complex event filled with opportunities to shoot all aspects of life and embrace love as its best. To be able to tell the story of such complex event, you need to be passionate about your own vision and believe that you are the best person to tell that story. ‘See The Big Picture Workshops’ is about empowering your voice and vision as a wedding photographer. It is not about recipes, it is about YOU!
I see time and time again, beautiful images of portrait of the couple, details but not much about the whole story. The real wedding is about the story of whole day. It is about life, connections and love. ‘See The Big Picture’ is about empowering each of you to see the real wedding. To document it from your heart. To empower you to produce compelling images which will never be forgotten because it has your unique signature.

How does it work?


1 or 2 days of super intense training with a lot of precise and conducive  information, active shooting, creative exercises and straight forward critique. It is organized for a group of min. 8 photographers, so we can keep a dynamic and intense approach. The group workshop is catered for beginners to advance, especially designed for wedding photographers.
an exclusive workshop designed accordingly to the personal needs of one student. It is 1 day mentoring. I will create a platform that is relevant to your pace and needs to help you grow and enhance your vision in photography. The private mentoring is catered to any photographer active on any field.


‘See The Big Picture Workshops’ take place worldwide. If you would like to ‘See The Big Picture’, just send me an e-mail and I’ll put you on the list of current or potential workshops. A group of 8 photographers within same location is required in order for the workshop to take place. It is easy to arrange, drop me an email if you are interested.
The private mentoring can take place worldwide provided that travel expenses are covered. It is an exclusive workshop where YOU take a central part.
Both workshops are designed to be intense, filled with relevant content and very dynamic. I take pride in designing a workshops where your needs will be taken care of and your expectations will be filled.
If you need further clarification in regards to the group workshop or the private mentoring, please drop me an email, I will be happy to return it as soon as possible.