Ana Rocha about ‘See The Big Picture’ Private Mentoring:

“I have been following Samo’s work since 2012. I am not a wedding photographer but his images have no boundaries or labels. It is about life and its wide range of emotions. His uncanny ability to translate and interpret a scene, take any person to an edge of a chair and makes you think, laugh and question. We become very good friends since 2012. Very recently I made a decision to embark on my first personal project about my experience as a mother, I had not doubt, Samo would be the best person to coach this  project. I had presented him the  idea, developed a text and starting shooting under his guidance.
He came over to Scotland in order to further develop the project and work with the compositional aspect of my images in general.

We worked with my daughter as a model and with the purpose of showing how to tell a story, he produced an incredible and compelling  body of images. For me the best part was watching him move around each scene, observe his angles, his perspective. Watch him create. We stopped frequently in order to explain how the concept was evolving. We also did cover a lot of theory, analyzing images, study complex compositions and understanding different ways to tell a story.

At end of the day, my mind was filled with inspiration. I was able to further appreciate his work and his passion for photography. He provided me tools to continue on my project, to improve my compositions but most importantly, to get closer to my own vision in photography. I have been attending  workshops since 2008. I had attended more than  20 workshops all with child and family photographers, what Samo was able to convey and teach me exceeded my expectations. The results of his teaching and incredible generosity will take me beyond my personal project and body of work in child photography. His understanding about life, how passionate he is for each single aspect of it, is contagious. To leave a workshop knowing that you had fulfilled 100% your expectation is indeed rare. With Samo I was able to achieve all my expectations. It was a great and unforgettable day, filled with great teaching, generosity, honesty and very clear. All from the heart, 100%. I do recommend  any photographer taking a private mentoring with Samo. If your desire is to develop your voice in photography, to make compelling images that are true to yourself, then Samo is the right person for you. He does not follow any recipes, he follows his heart and he shoots from the heart,  something that is truly a gift. He teaches you the beauty of being unique, and be yourself.”