FDF 2014, Argentina


I’m flattered that I have a chance to be a speaker and mentor at Foro De Fotografos (FDF) Argentina 2014, which will be held from the 31st of March till 4th of April 2014 in Rosario. It’s great to be a part of this group of incredible photographers from around the globe, who will be there to share their knowledge and inspire: Citlalli Rico, Susana Barbera, Kyle Hepp, Todd Laffler, Mauricio Arias, Vinicius Matos, Martin Sedacca, William Sanchez, Christian Pinto and Patricio Peker.

My lecture will be about ‘Complexity of storytelling’. I’ll also have a workshop about ‘Complex Compositions and Layers’. More info

Thank you FDF Argentina for this invitation!!! See you in April, amigos…

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