Workshop Antwerpen 2017, Belgium: October 3-4, 2017


A 2-day workshop with super intense training, catered for a small group of photographers in order to provide a dynamic and intense approach. For beginners to advanced, especially designed for wedding photographers.


A wedding is a celebration of life and love. It is a complex event filled with opportunities to shoot all aspects of life and embrace love at its best. To tell the story of such a complex event, you need to be passionate about your own vision and believe that you are the best person to tell that story. ‘See The Big Picture Workshops’ is about empowering your voice and vision as a wedding photographer. I will share knowledge from my 7 years working as a newspaper photojournalist and eleven years documenting destination weddings around the world. In the end, this workshop is about YOU!!!

Time and time again, I see beautiful portraits of the couple. However, the story of the overall wedding day is lacking. ‘See The Big Picture Workshop’ is about empowering each of you to see and photograph from your heart in order to capture compelling images with your unique signature.


What students said:

“I fell in love not only with his photos and his working style, I fell in love also with his way of conveying the passion in his work. Samo opened my head and showed me the way to evolve without losing my essence. I highly recommend his workshop for all those who love this profession and seek to improve. Very educational and encouraging! Infinite thanks teacher !!!!!”
Erika Fayolle

“There are workshops that give you tips how to make 3 good photos. You use that at your next wedding and then send this 3 photos to the photography contest. Samo doesn’t do that, he leaves a seed in your brain. It can grow or not. It’s up to you.”
Horacio Carrano

“I usually don’t attend other photographers workshops, actually, ‘See the Big Picture’ was the first workshop I attended in 4 years. I decided to attend just out of curiosity. It was recommended to me by a friend as I was seeking new inspiration in my work. In short, besides being a great guy, Samo helped me to see my work from another perspective. After shooting lots of weddings, you can get a little lost in your own work and creativity. Samo took the time to analyze the work of each one of the participants and came up with personalized critics. It was very important for me to hear what an experienced and talented photographer as Samo had to say about how I do things and he actually made me realize some things that I didn’t had in mind or other things that maybe I lost on the way. I think it can be a very good experience for everyone who wants to get his work reviewed by a great photojournalist and maybe find new inspiration and take his work a few steps forward. I’m just waiting for my next wedding to try and practice some of the advices I got from Samo.”
Ariel Novak


Antwerpen, Belgium. Venue to be decided.


October 3rd and 4th 2017, 9:00am – 6:00pm
Meeting on October 2nd from 6:00pm – 9:00pm


Most wedding photography workshops focus on portrait sessions of the bride and groom. The portrait session is only 10% of the wedding day. My workshop will teach you how to photograph the other 90% of the wedding with a natural story telling narrative.
This workshop is about how to stay 100% focused from the beginning of the day to the end with the same quality level as a working photojournalist. We’ll be working on…
– How to make great photographic compositions with less (simple composition) or more elements (complex composition)
– Recognizing the decisive moments and capturing them consistently throughout the wedding day even in difficult conditions
– Photographing as I mentor and guide you through 2 super intense days so each of you can identify your strengths and weaknesses
– Improving your personal style and ability to photograph all segments of a wedding story
This workshop will be sure intense, and I’ll be straight forward critiquing your work. Don’t worry! We’ll have a lot of fun. It will be about you and your improvement and growth!



Participants need to bring their own photographic equipment
– Cameras
– Lenses
– Memory cards
– Computer

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More from students:

“Samo´s workshop was one of the best I´ve attended. He helped me to improve my work because it’s focused on your photos, your composition, your personal style. He takes time to see your work and guides you to improve and present something of better quality. I will be eternally grateful not only for his teachings but for his absolute generosity. In addition to a talented photographer he is, is a great person and I am very glad to have met him!”
Samanta Contin

“Hi Samo! I would like to THANK YOU for giving me the most powerful push in my professional career. Your WS was a truly inspiration to me and yesterday I had my first wedding after it. I think I’m starting to believe that we are in fact The F… Magicians! You are THE man. Big hug!!”
Alejandro Elena


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